Thursday, February 28, 2013

Zoya Lovely Part 1

I have the first half of the Zoya Lovely collection from Spring 2013.  The first half consists of 3 pastel creme polishes- Jacqueline, Neely, and Blu.  I used Finger Paints base coat and no top coat for all of these photos.


   Jacqueline is a nude creme with a slightly yellow base.  The consistency was a bit thick, which I kind of liked, but it made application less smooth.  The polish didn't self-level very quickly which led to the first coat streaky and patchy.  Because of this I needed 3 coats for full coverage.  I also hated this with my skin tone, though others said it looked ok.

Direct Sun

Indoor Natural Light


   Neely is a pale mint green creme.  It reminds me of the base of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  The formula was thinner than Jacqueline, more like what you normally expect from a Zoya polish.  Application was decent, less streaky on the first coat, but still a bit patchy.  I only needed 2 coats for full coverage.

Direct Sun

Indoor Natural Light


   Blu is a very pale blue creme.  I get a very icy feel from the polish.  Formula and application is the best of the 3 cremes of the collection.  There was no major streaking and only needed 2 coats for full coverage.  Blu is very bright for a pastel, possibly from the amount of white in the base.

Direct Sun

Indoor Natural Light

   My pick of the cremes is Blu with Neely a somewhat close second.  

Disclaimer:  The product(s) in this post were provided to me by the company for consideration.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hard Candy New 45 Polish Collection Press Release

   Good afternoon lovelies.  I have exciting news for you today from Hard Candy.   I'm sure most of you have heard about or tried the brand before.  The brand is releasing 45 new polishes broken down into 5 collections of 9.  Quite a few of these are catching my eye already, especially at under $4 a bottle.  Please enjoy the following press release with more information:

Winter is wrapping up and color is beginning to pop everywhere.  From the runways to the cosmetic aisles of Walmart the story is color and Hard Candy's new collection – set to roll out immediately – tells a tale of "Poppin Pigments" and shades that will have you "All Lid Up!"

What you will be interested in is the 45 (!!!) new shades of Nail Lacquer that Hard Candy is launching.  5 new collections.  9 shades in each.  Glitter, Chrome, Rich tones – something for everyone!  Not only will nail aficionados fall for the colors but they will also flip for the price of $3.97 each!

Crushed Chrome Collection. Luxurious and timeless hues embellished with a golden textured finish. This collection boasts refinement and sophistication and is infused with a vivacious luster.
Itsy Glitzy Collection. Intense, illuminating, and incandescent hues saturated with the richest and most extreme mica and glitter. Inspired from the runway and now at your fingertips.


Crystal Confetti Collection. A unique collection based on artistic expression. Flourishing, adventurous, full coverage shades with various particle sizes and creative textures. Graffiti is revolutionary; it's an outlet to create public art. Now take this artistic and creative expression to your nails. 
Candy Sprinkles Collection. Suspended in a clear top coat, shimmery flecks sparkle brilliantly with different shapes of shiny glitter. Candy Sprinkles is a fabulous top coat over any color. 

Glitteratzi Collection. The combination of confident opposites and intimate tonalities mixed with the right amount of sparkle creates enthusiasm for the vitality of life. The hues are natural and are becoming more evolved and colored. Tasteful tones with all the personality to satisfy every trend setter.

The Hard Candy collection is exclusively available at Walmart and on  In addition to the cosmetics brand Hard Candy now offers customers a line of apparel and eyeglass frames.  The brand can be found on Facebook @Hard Candy; Twitter @HeresHardCandy; Pinterest @ItsHardCandy and on Instagram @HardCandyLife.
Remember to click on the images for a larger view and to read shade names.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Candie's Over the Rainbow

   Today is going to be a quick post.  My hours at work have gone up quite a bit and I'm still adjusting, which means I'm exhausted most of the time.  Not a bad thing I know, but even after about 10 hours of sleep, I've been wanting to go back to bed all day.

   Over the Rainbow is the second polish I picked up from the new Candie's line.  This is a multi-color, size, and shape glitter top coat.  What I could make out were small regular glitter mostly in green, tiny silver and blue hex glitters, small yellow, orange, and pink glitters, and large silver hex glitter.  There could be other colors as well, those are just the ones I could easily pick out.  What sets this one apart from a lot of other multi-color glitters, such as Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday or OPI Rainbow Connection, is the predominance of small green glitter in the base.   The other polishes have a more equal color mix.
   The formula was nice, not gloopy like a lot of glitters.  I didn't have any issues with application and there was a good glitter payoff.  I used 1 coat of Over the Rainbow over Aqua Denim.  These photos are without top coat.

Direct Sun

Indoor Natural Light

Indoor with Flash

   I liked this combination a lot.  But I think the brightness of the base buried some of the glitter, especially the tiny green glitters.  Which is sad because those are what drew me to the polish in the first place.  Next time I'll try it over a lighter base color.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CND Announces New Removable Gel Layer and Spring Trends

   Last month a large group of beauty exhibitors got together for the 2013 International Salon and Spa Expo where lots of new innovations and Spring trends were announced.  CND showed off their latest Shellac colors and introduced their Brisa Lite Removable Gel System.  Please enjoy the following press release and information sheet:

February 2013, Vista, CA – CND (Creative Nail Design) was one of the standout exhibitors at the 2013 International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE) Long Beach. ISSE continues to be the West Coast’s largest and most influential total beauty event. Over 40,000 beauty professionals from around the world attended the show, produced by the Professional Beauty Association (PBA).

CND launched the new Brisa™ Lite Removable Gel System, the ultimate nail Power Primer, as well as spring trends for CND Shellac™, Additives and Scentsations™. Attendees participated in play stations and watched demos to arm themselves with the products that consumers will be asking for. 
CND Co-founder Jan Arnold met with hundreds of nail professionals, discussing CND’s new line-up of innovations and trends.

“The Nail Professional is the inspiration for everything CND creates and we will continue to support and elevate them with our innovations, trends and education,” says CND Co-Founder, Jan Arnold.  “It’s only fitting that CND presents our 2013 program of latest nail trends, colors, techniques, and products at ISSE, one of the most influential beauty events serving professionals from around the world.”
For more information on new Brisa™ Lite Removable Gel and spring trends for CND Shellac™, Additives and Scentsations™, please visit

The Ultimate CND Shellac™ Power Partner 

An easily removable gel layer, that perfects and smoothes the surface of the natural nail. Applied before CND Shellac, it extends the wear of the CND Shellac service to three flawless


Like a foundation primer that prepares the face for flawless makeup application, Brisa Lite Removable Smoothing Gel provides a glass-like surface for CND Shellac, perfecting the nail’s appearance and extending wear.

It is EASY ON with no filing of the natural nail, EASY OFF with no soaking, and provides EXCEPTIONAL WEAR by lasting three weeks.


Brisa Lite Removable Smoothing Gel is a professional only product. After cleansing the natural nail with ScrubFresh™, the Nail Professional applies Brisa Lite Removable Base Coat and cures it for 10 seconds under the CND UV Lamp, then smoothes Brisa Lite Removable Smoothing Gel on with a brush and cures it for two minutes. Apply two thin layers of CND Shellac color and then cure for two minutes each. Finally a thin layer of CND Shellac Top Coat, to seal in the color, is cured for two minutes. 

 The gel removes easily in 15 minutes with CND Shellac Nourishing Remover and Remover Wraps.


Brisa Lite Removable Smoothing Gel is available worldwide to Nail Professionals in February 2013. 

   I don't know about you girls, but the Brisa Lite system sounds great to me.  What do all of you think about it? 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Candie's Aqua Denim

  It's Monday again.  While I'd normally be cranky about this, today I'm really excited.  Why?  Because I get to go see Pink in concert tonight!  I'm counting down the hours.
   Today I have one of the new Candie's polishes to show you.  I picked up two of them at Kohl's after they were released back in October.

   Aqua Denim is a bright medium blue crelly with just a hint of grey.  The formula and application were both nice.  Pigmentation was good, I only needed 2 coats for full coverage.  I used Finger Paints base coat and no top coat for these swatches.  I did experience a bit of Smurf fingers, blue staining around my cuticles, while doing cleanup, so beware of that.  I did not keep this polish on long enough to tell if it would stain, but I could see the potential for it. 

Direct Sun

Indoor Natural Light

Indoor with Flash

   I like the color of Aqua Denim quite a bit.  My only issue with the polish is the price.  The Candie's polishes retail for $8 a piece at Kohl's.  For me, that's a little high, especially for a new brand.  I would recommend waiting for a sale to pick up some of these. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Jesse's Girl Pairs Up with Falguni & Shane Peacock for NYFW

   I know most of us are waiting for Spring to find us, whether patiently or impatiently, but in the Fashion world it's already all about Fall/Winter.  Please enjoy the following look and sale from Jesse's Girl cosmetics:

Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics partnered again with luxury-focused design duo Falguni & Shane Peacock to debut their Fall/Winter 2013 Collection at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. Key, celebrity manicurist Lisa Logan dressed up nails to accessorize and play-off the designs.

For the nail look, Logan first applied the Jesse’s Girl Cosmetic and JulieG collection nail polish in Black Sheep to a natural nail then followed with a thin mid-nail pinstripe in Liquid Metal to complete the look. “For this show, Jesse’s Girl provided great colors to keep nails as a fun accent to the clothes” said Logan. “The everyday girl can take this nail look from runway to the street for trendy appeal in three simple steps.”

Lisa Logan's How-To Tips:
• Step 1: With a base coat on, apply two coats of the JulieG for Jesse's Girl shade in Black Sheep
• Step 2: Let the color set for two minutes, then with a skinny brush, take the JulieG for Jesse's Girl shade in  Liquid Metal and roll onto the middle of the nail.
• Step 3: Let the nail dry for 1-2 minutes then apply the top coat.

Julie Gutierrez, of YouTube fame and creator of the JulieG Nail Polish Collection, was also backstage to give her take on the manicures that would be seen on the runway. “The Black Sheep and Liquid Metal shades are feminine, chic and play off the amazing pieces from Falguni and Shane Peacock.” said Gutierrez.

Jesse’s Girl is now offering consumers to get the runway look for themselves with a limited-edition special offer on their website, while supplies last. Available for $5.00, get the nail look from the Falguni & Shane Peacock 2013 Winter Collection show!

Here's a direct link to the sale:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Legend Press Release

   Hello lovelies.  I know it feels like I've just been posting a lot of press releases and such lately, but I promise I will be back to swatches and reviews very soon.  I have lots of goodies to share with you, I just have to carve out some time to go through and edit photos.  In the mean time, please enjoy the following press release from Parfums Mercedes for their new men's fragrance Legend:

A 'Legend' is Born from Parfums Mercedes 
From the Rise of a Champion to the Launch of a 'Legend'

Los Angeles, CA - February 12, 2013 - Mercedes Ganon, Founder and Creator of Parfums Mercedes creates the essence of a Champion in 'Legend', inspired by her close friend and one of the greatest boxers of our generation, Roy Jones, Jr., Executive Producer of Mercedes' last three albums and in her corner, pushing her to bring out her very best in Jus D'Amour and Legend fragrances to the world.
Parfums Mercedes has created this clean sporty scent that will embrace your inner "Legend" best described as an evocation of nature's combination of fruits, woods and floral essence to capture that very distinct masculine champion flavor.  

The scent is reminiscent of Victory in a bottle, from its sweet melon and black currant fragrance accentuated with a citrus and green leaf then balanced with an oak, sandalwood and natural wood musk overtone with a splash of jasmine and violet for your gentle giant.  "Legend" is available at
"Every woman wants her man to be the champ in their lives", says Mercedes Ganon. "We created this legendary combination of notes that evokes the champion inside every man. Invigorating and arousing, fresh and aromatic, surely, destined to be a knockout for both man and woman this Valentines' Day and beyond!"
About Mercedes
As a singer, songwriter and captivating performer, her sultry voice will caress your soul. It's no surprise that she has developed an edgy sound that challenges all traditionalism. Her music is symphonic, inspirational, and visual, creating an awakening that will vibrate all of your senses. Mercedes is in the habit of creating unforgettable stage performances that will rock the spirit and sooth the soul.
About Roy Jones Jr 
Roy is the only boxer in history to start his career as a junior middleweight, and go on to win a heavyweight title. He's held the WBC, WBA, IBF, IBO, NABF, WBF, and IBA light heavyweight championships; a record seven belts at the same time and "Fighter of the Decade" for the 1990s by the Boxing Writers Association of America.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Whip Smart: Lola Montez Conquers the Spaniards Press Release

   Happy Sunday everyone.  Please enjoy the following press release for the upcoming book Whip Smart.

Whip Smart: Wild, Sexy,
Flamboyant History

Fact-Based Adventures of Historic Muse Delivers Bodacious Fun

"Whip Smart is a sexy, adventurous and intelligent tale that I would dare name a bodice ripper for
the literary mind!"
-- Marisa Lancione, NOW, Montreal

"A fun and sexy romp! I can’t wait for the sequel!"
-- Gwyn Cready, RITA Award winning author of Seducing Mr. Darcy, A Novel Seduction and Timeless
Desire: An Outlander Love Story

A wild and sexy romp through History based on the real-life adventures of the audacious Lola Montez—the “Sensation of Europe.”

Astor + Blue Editions is proud to present, Whip Smart: Lola Montez Conquers the Spaniards (ISBN: 978-1-938231-47-6; Trade Paperback; Romance, Historical, Women’s Fiction; US $14.95 CAN $14.95; February, 2013), the rollicking first installment of a new series by debut author, Kit Brennan. The Whip Smart series begins during the historic week that marks the actual birthdate of Lola Montez. (February 17).

It is 1842, London, and the gorgeous, ever-capricious twenty-two-year-old Eliza Gilbert, (a.k.a. Lola Montez) is in deep trouble and seeks escape from a divorce trial. Desperate, Lola accepts an alluring offer of a paid trip to Spain, provided she fulfill a few clandestine tasks for Juan de Grimaldi—a Spanish theatre impresario who is also a government agent and spy for the exiled Spanish queen.

Lola soon finds herself in Madrid, undercover as a performer in a musical play. But when she falls dangerously in love with the target, General Diego de Léon—the “perfect Spanish soldier, lover and horseman”—Lola becomes a double agent and the two hatch a plot of their own. Disaster strikes when the plot is exposed and Lola is forced to flee on horseback to France, with a dangerous group of Loyalists in hot pursuit. Will Lola’s reckless daring, feminine whiles, and signature whip be enough to save her life, her lover and her cause? She will have to be more whip smart than ever before.

Written with zest and a passionate, fiery fervor by debut author Kit Brennan, Whip Smart irresistibly whisks readers into a vivid journey through 19th Century France, England and Spain, riding sidesaddle with Eliza Gilbert, the young, hot-headed Irish girl destined to transform into Dona Maria Dolores de Porris y Montez—a.k.a. Lola Montez, The Sensation of Europe!


Kit Brennan is a nationally produced, award-winning playwright, and teaches writing and storytelling at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec.

The Victorian era and its personalities have always been of major interest to Brennan. Her play Tiger’s Heart explores the life of Dr. James Barry, who was actually a woman living a double life disguised as a man in order to practice medicine, which was not an option open to women at the time.

Kit divides her time between the vibrant city of Montreal and the quiet lake wilderness of Ontario alongside her husband, Andrew, and a variety of animal friends. Whip Smart: Lola Montez Conquers the Spaniards is her debut novel.

Visit her online at

Coming Soon from Kit Brennan and Astor + Blue Editions:
Whip Smart: Lola Montez and the Poisoned Nom de Plume

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Whole Foods Makeup and Body Care

   Have any of you ever used mineral makeup?  Whether foundation, blush, or eyeshadow.  I've used all three and really love mineral foundations.  For me they feel like I'm not wearing a foundation, but still even out my complexion and can be built up as a concealer for blemishes.  I've been using Bare Minerals for the last several years, but I recently found a new foundation that I think I'm going to switch to on my next purchase.  I wasn't trying to find a new foundation, but when you find the perfect color....
   How'd I find the perfect color?  I went to Whole Body over the weekend to check out their makeup selection and get a makeover.  One of the main brands they carry is Mineral Fusions and is primarily what was used in my makeover.  The line is organic, mostly vegan, and paraben free.  Most of them even smell great.  Especially the mascara which smells like cake batter.  That's right CAKE BATTER.  I took a before and after picture to show you guys.  Please don't judge my before photo too harshly, I was exhausted from work and being up late and getting up early to cook for the Super Bowl.  And I'm not very photogenic.



   See the difference?  I love how natural my makeup looks and the light touch of bronzer so I don't look quite so pale.  One of the first things the makeup artists did was a color match on me for the foundation.  I would have guessed my skin tone was neutral to cool, but it was actually the lightest warm shade that was my match.  The neutral was very close, but I could still just see the difference between it and my skintone while I couldn't see the warm at all.  And that's what you want in a foundation.  I usually go a little heavier/brighter on the eyeshadow, but I do like this look too.
   The other interesting thing they have at Whole Body is a facial scanner that can analyze your skin and tell you your problem spots and how you compare to other people your age.  My biggest issues are uv spots and large pores.  Not too bad since I don't do much to take care of my face.  Bad me I know.

   I also have a short press release for you about Whole Foods' standards in body care:

Whole Foods Market® named ‘the leading national retailer’ in personal care products
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics praises company’s Premium Body Care™ and organic labeling guidelines

AUSTIN, Texas (Dec. 11, 2012) – Whole Foods Market has been named the highest ranked retailer for personal care product safety in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ Retailer Report.

In the report released today, the company is commended for implementing “a rigorous and transparent approach to screening the personal care products it sells.”

“We are proud and thrilled to be mentioned in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics' Retailer Report in such high esteem,” said Jeremiah McElwee, executive Whole Body coordinator. “This validates both our team’s hard work and that of the wonderful supplier partners we work with to deliver the absolute highest quality natural and organic body care products to our customers.”

The Retailer Report goes on to say that “no other national retailer comes close to rivaling Whole Foods Market’s leadership in the realm of safer personal care products.”
Whole Foods Market announced its Premium Body Care standards in March 2008, which was the first private standard for personal care products created by a major retailer in the United States. The company now offers more than 3,800 personal care products that meet these rigorous standards.

In September 2012, the company announced that all organic personal care products in its U.S. stores are third-party certified, making Whole Foods Market the first national retailer to mandate certification for all organic personal care products on its shelves.

“Believe it or not, there are no federal laws that regulate how the word ‘organic’ can be used on personal care products,” McElwee said. “Our shoppers don’t expect the meaning of organic to change between store aisles and neither do we.”

For more information on Whole Foods Market’s body care standards, visit:

   One last bit of info for all of you and I promise I'll wrap up this long post.  All Whole Foods in Northern California and Reno for sure, but possibly other places as well, is having a 30% off natural makeup sale from Feb 13th - 17th.   How awesome is that?  Plus, I drove past Whole Body today and there was a giant sale about a pre-sale from the 1st - 12th.  That means you can go in, pick out what you'd like, and they'll hold it for you until the sale.  I'm not sure if all of the stores are doing this, but it's worth a call to find out.  I already have a couple things on hold myself- the lipstick I'm wearing in the photos, which is sadly being discontinued, and a smokey eye kit with a mascara, eye pencil, and shadow trio.  The kit is only $25 right now so a definite steal with the 30% off.
   If you've never tried Mineral Fusions, or any other mineral makeup, I highly recommend it.  And if you're in the South Bay Area and can get to Whole Body, stop in and make an appointment with Desirae or Trang for either a makeover or mani/pedi.  They're both great.

Disclaimer: The services mentioned in this post were provided to me by the company, but all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jus D'Amour Press Release

   I'm working on a couple new things for you lovelies right now.  I hope you will enjoy them.  In the mean time, please enjoy the following press release from Parfums Mercedes:

A Valentine’s Treasure to Bestow Upon Your Loved OnesThe Essence of Love by Jus D’Amour transcends Big Box Perfumes 

Los Angeles, CA - January 28, 2013 – Mercedes Ganon, Founder and Creator of Parfums Mercedes, adds another smash hit to her collection with Jus D’Amour, the Essence of Love and Embodiment of Comfort. Melody and Harmony come together as one in this amazing new fragrance that will surely rock your senses and create a Valentine’s Day to remember.
What makes Jus D’Amour so captivating is the beautiful, grown-up comfort scent that opens with a dark and dusky coconut aroma refined by a green aqua leaf then finishes with the most soothing, creamy Tahitian vanilla and mesmerizing sandalwood. Sophisticated and serene with a warm, soft sweetness that takes the edge off a stressful day.
Thomas Hood wrote, “Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine, love thou art every day my Valentine!” That means to honor your love every day like it were Valentines Day. What better way to share the Essence of Love with those who mean the most to you.
 “Jus D’Amour will rock your senses and seduce your soul with this very clean, sensual scent that creates the mood not just the moment”, explains Mercedes Ganon. “It’s exciting to create something that touches so many that inspires strength yet remains subtle and we’re so proud that it’s been receiving such rave reviews in the industry.”
About Mercedes
As a singer, songwriter and captivating performer, her sultry voice will caress your soul. It’s no surprise that she has developed an edgy sound that challenges all traditionalism. Her music is symphonic, inspirational, and visual, creating an awakening that will vibrate all of your senses. Mercedes is in the habit of creating unforgettable stage performances that will rock the spirit and sooth the soul. 

About Jus D’Amour by Parfums Mercedes
Jus D'Amour was featured in Life & Style Magazine and French publication, Essential Beauty amongst the best perfumes in the world and has been prominently featured at many global events including  DPA and Natalie Dubois' Cannes gifting suites at the Carlton Hotel. France, Germany,Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, Denmark, and Italy and most recently at the red carpet event at the Frederic Fekkai salon on Melrose Place which was co-hosted by Alan Mruvka, who also manages Mercedes &

Monday, February 4, 2013

Nuance Rococo Red

   Is it really February already?  I feel like I still haven't fully gotten my days and schedule back on track from my surgery and recovery.  Today I have a polish from a new line for you.  The Nuance by Salma Hayek cosmetic line has been around for almost 2 years now at CVS.  But they just introduced a collection of nail polishes with the new Nail HQ at CVS.  

   Rococo Red is a red creme somewhere between berry and brick.  The color varies a bit on what type of lighting you are in.  The brush is rather wide, like the OPI Pro-wide brushes- I swear one day I will get the hang of these.  Formula and application were both good and didn't give me any issues.  I forgot to write down how many coats I used, but I want to say it was 2.  I used Finger Paints base coat and no top coat in the following photos.

Direct Sun

Indoor Natural Light

Indoor with Flash

   Rococo Red is a nice shade of red, but nothing really unique.  Though I think it would make a great Valentine's mani.  I do like the bottle shape quite a bit.  It's nice a sturdy and doesn't feel like it's going to fall over.  I also think the flower design on the cap is pretty.  I'm curious to see future releases from the collection.  The initial release is a nice set of basic colors and finishes, but nothing that really stood out to me.  So I'm hoping that will change in the future.

Disclaimer:  The product(s) in this post were sent to me for consideration.
polished & frosted title image brushes by Obsidian Dawn