Friday, August 5, 2011

OPI Silver Shatter

   I have a confession to make.  I am a glitter polish addict.  I love looking at my nails and seeing them sparkle in the light.  I've been known to get a bit distracted while in the car from looking at my nails.  Usually while I'm riding, not driving so no worries.  OPI has brought out a Shatter top coat that feeds this addiction with their Silver Shatter.  It adds sparkle and shine to any polish.  And is a great way to hide minor chips and tip wear when you don't have time for a full mani change.

   I tried Silver Shatter over OPI Mermaid's Tears from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection that was released simultaneously.  The directions, like all Shatters, say to use over fully dry polish, but I used it over polish that was still slightly tacky instead.  I think I got good results.
   Watching Shatter polish dry is really fun.  Especially since they dry super quickly.  I trick I've learned with these is to not brush back over polish you've already applied.  I've found that going back over polish can sometimes ruin the shatter effect.  With the silver, the polish will look sheer when you first apply, but becomes opaque as it dries and shrinks up.
   The biggest issue I had with Silver Shatter was cleanup.  With other colors this isn't a big problem.  But the Silver has micro glitter in it that DOES NOT want to come off your skin.  At least it didn't for me.  You can see this pretty well in the shade photo.  On three fingers I applied the Shatter in standard vertical direction.  On my index finger I applied it horizontally and on my thumb I applied diagonally.  Each direction gives a different look that are fun on their own or combined.

Direct Sun



   Silver Shatter is much more subtle than some of the other Shatters.  At least over pastel polishes like the Pirates collection.  But sometimes a subtle shine is what you need.

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