Sunday, September 4, 2011

China Glaze Oxidized Aqua

   Lately I've been going through a blue polish phase.  Not sure why, but more often than not I'm finding myself reaching for a blue over any other color.  So China Glaze Metallic Crackle in Oxidized Aqua is perfect right now when I do put something else on and still want that blue fix. 

   Metallic crackle works just like the non-metallic ones.  I added Oxidized Aqua to my Icing Blackout mani after a couple days of wear.  I like the way the aqua contrasts with the  black.  I was a bit sad that the lovely multi-color glitter in Blackout didn't show through very well however.  Application was good over completely dry polish.  I did not add a top coat over the crackle.

Direct Sun
   Notice the difference in the cracks on my thumb versus the rest of my fingers?  There's a reason for it.  On my index through pinkie fingers I used one smooth stroke down the entire length of the nail, making sure not to go back over any crackle polish I had already put on the nail.  On my thumb though I tried something a little different.  Instead of one smooth stroke I started the stroke for a few millimeters then pushed the brush backwards just a bit into the area I'd just polished.  Continue this down the length of your nail.  I really like this look and will probably use this technique more often.



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  1. I only picked up the gold and bronze from this collection. Now, I think I need some of the colors as well. I like this and the pink one a lot.


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