Friday, January 7, 2011

Revlon Perplex

   Every once in a while a color comes along that you know you just have to have.  No matter how long it takes you to track it down.  For me, Revlon Perplex was one of those colors.  Perplex is a grayed purple with a lighter purple hidden shimmer.  
   There has been much talk, that I've seen, about Perplex being a dupe of Chanel's  Paradoxal.  I do not own Paradoxal, but the swatches and comparisons of the two I've seen make me say yes it is a dupe.  Or at least close enough that for the $20 price difference I do not feel the need to own both.

   Look closely at the middle of the bottle.  See the light purple shimmer that's just barely visible?  That shimmer gives the polish a depth and life on the nail which keep it from being just another grayed purple creme.  The formula was very thin I found.  I had to make sure to wipe not only the brush against the side of the bottle, but the wand as well to keep polish from pooling in my cuticles.  However, it is so pigmented that only one coat of polish is needed.  The one coat factor counter acts the thinness for me.  I used 1 coat Seche Base, 1 coat Perplex, 1 coat Seche Vite.

Direct Sun



   As you can see, Perplex does dry a few shades darker on the nail that it looks in the bottle.  I found this to be a very almost neutral color on me.  It works well with my skin tone, doesn't call too much attention to itself, and yet isn't boring.  I even had one customer at work stop and ask what color it was before she left.  
   I apologize for the visible tip wear.  These shots were taken after a full day of wearing the polish and a shift at work.  The weather here has been very unpredictable and uncooperative for pictures.  Just today the sunlight and blue skies gave way to cloud cover and gray ickiness as I was in the middle of changing polishes to show you.
   The name Perplex is rather accurate for a couple reasons.  Not only is it reminiscent of Paradoxal, but right now you might be very perplexed trying to find the polish.  A search of the Revlon website for Perplex nets no results.  None of the stores in my town have started carrying it yet.  I found a display about a month ago at a nearby Ulta.  They had a separate display of nothing but Perplex, though it is no longer there.  Some people have reported finding it just mixed into the regular displays, but unmarked.  The bottle top says new shade not limited addition so eventually Perplex should be readily available most places. So if you can't find it right now, don't freak out you should be able to find it eventually.  But if you do find it, I say grab it.  I really like this color and even more so on than in the bottle.  I have a feeling that it will continue to be a bit hard to find for a while longer.

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