Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OPI Katy Perry Collection

   When I saw the first promo pics of the Katy Perry/OPI collaboration I was intrigued.  Then when the polishes came in, I couldn't wait to try them all.  So why it's taken me until now to try and write about them I have no idea.  All of these are beautiful.  

 Teenage Dream

   Teenage Dream is a sheer pink base with pink and multi-color glitter in different sizes.  Application was good for such a dense glitter and it built up nicely.  I used a base coat of OPI Natural Nail Base and 3 coats of glitter.  Top coat was a bit more of an issue.  Because it is such a dense glitter, it likes to eat top coat.  As in while it will seem nice and smooth at first, a few hours later the surface of your nails will feel rough again.  To try to combat this I wound up using 1 coat of Gelous, 1 coat OPI RapiDry, a 2nd coat of Gelous, and a final coat of Seche Vite.  The first two coats were done immediately after the glitter and the second two coats the following morning.  This seemed to smooth the surface out fairly well.

Direct Sun

   Look at that sparkle.  Sometimes there's nothing like some shiny bling to make you smile.


   Even inside the sparkle shows up.  Teenage Dream works great on its own or I'm sure would be a good layering polish as well.

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Not Like The Movies

   My version of NLTM is the original version that was released, which is a gorgeous silver/green/purple multi-chrome with small silver glitter interspersed.  A second version of NLTM has shown up more recently which is mostly a silver glitter with just a slight hint of the purple and green flash.  I'm not sure which is supposed to be the "official" version, but personally I prefer the version I have.  Luckily.
   I started with a base of OPI Natural Nail Base again and then a layer of Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein. Next came 3 coats of NLTM to get even coverage and finally a top of Seche Vite.  Formula and application were pretty standard for OPI.  I will apologize for the washed out looking quality of these pictures, and slight blurriness, but my camera did NOT want to capture this polish.  Trust me it is MUCH more multi-chrome IRL. 

Direct Sun


   If you like duo/multi-chrome polishes and don't have NLTM yet, I say grab it IF you find this version and not the newer one.  

The One That Got Away

   The One That Got Away is a medium dark raspberry shimmer.  It's fun but still office appropriate most places.  This one only needed 2 coats for full even coverage and again nice formula and application.  I simply used Barielle Nail Building Protein for my base and Seche Vite for my top.

Direct Sun


   2 coats dries slightly lighter than bottle color, but I have a feeling that 3 would give the same depth as the bottle.

Last Friday Night

   Last Friday Night is very similar to Teenage Dream, but blue based instead of pink.  It is also much more sheer than TD.  LFN also has blue and multi-colored glitter in multiple sizes.  Formula was a little thicker on this one, but not unworkable. 
   Because of the sheerness I'm showing you this one a couple different ways.  My pinkie finger has 4 coats and my ring finger has 3.  Then my index and middle fingers are 1 coat each layered over WnW Black Creme and OPI Ske Teal We Drop respectively.  Base for all of these was OPI Natural Nail Base and Top was Seche Vite.

Direct Sun



   I included a shade shot to show you just how sparkly this polish is, especially over the black and teal.  Even with 4 coats I personally wouldn't wear this one alone, but I LOVE the way it looks over the darker colors.

   The Katy Perry Collection is also one of the collection that introduced Black Shatter, launching a wide-spread craze.  

Black Shatter

   You can tell the Shatter polishes from OPI by the shattered looking tops.  I know I've shown you this picture before, but it's still the best shot I've gotten.  This is over Nicole by OPI Never Give Up.

   Black Shatter dries VERY quickly, so you have to work fast when applying.  You are supposed to apply Shatter over completely dry polish to achieve the best effect.  Because of the quick drying aspect of the polish, it can become thick and gloopy, yes that's a technical term, in the bottle very quickly.  I have not tried to thin mine yet, but I have heard of others doing it with no problems.

   I was very impressed with this entire collection.  The wide range of colors and finishes along with the playful feel to the glitters definitely remind me of Katy Perry.  All in all I say this was a very successful collaboration and you should definitely add them to your collection.

Disclaimer: The product(s) in this post were sent to me by the company for consideration.

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