Sunday, May 15, 2011

Orly Galaxy Girl

   Galaxy Girl is the last of my Orly Cosmic FX collection reviews.  This one actually belongs to a friend of mine, but she was kind enough to lend it to me.  So everyone thank Lyz.  I saved this one for last because it was hands down my favorite of the 5 I tried.  Galaxy Girl is described as purple with blue green fx. I think I would call it more of an aqua or teal fx, but that's just me.

   Look at that teal flash in the bottle.  The color kind of reminds me of a deep bruise.  But in a good way somehow.  Application was good and pigmentation was nice on GG.  I used 3 coats for full opacity and evenness with Bonder Basecoat and Polishield Topcoat.  With GG you can see the main purple and the secondary teal on the nail all the time in all lighting conditions.  

Direct Sun


Half Sun


   Make sure to enlarge the pictures above so you can see the full effect of the two colors.  While I was driving to work one day, I glanced at my nails and got a bit of a surprise.  The way the sun was reflecting through the windshield off my nails made GG look ruby red!  I tried to get a picture of it with my phone, but couldn't quite capture the full effect.  I did get this shot which shows a nice gradient I think.

   As I said above, Galaxy Girl is my favorite from this collection that I've reviewed.  I actually don't really want to give it back.  
   Final thoughts on this collection:  It is a beautiful collection, but I'm not sure they are must haves for the most part.  Galaxy Girl would be the exception to that for me.  It is the most unique of the group, except maybe Space Cadet which I do not have access to.  The Cosmic FX collection can be found online and some salons and supply stores still have it in stock.


  1. that is very pretty :) i think i like that one best, too.

  2. Hi! I had to follow a fellow nail polished obsessed Athenian. Hope you don't mind. :) (Sadly, I've been mostly on blogging hiatus for the last few months, but I still read... and buy)

  3. Des, it is really gorgeous. You should pick it up if you can find it.

    Lissa, HI! It's always nice to meet a fellow obsessor here in town. Please let me know when you come off hiatus.


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