Monday, November 21, 2011

Zoya Anja

   Ah fall.  Time to watch the leaves change for about 2 weeks then all fall off the trees at once while the weather goes from 70s one day to 50s the next.  Oh, you mean that's just here in the south?  Hmm.  I may live in the wrong region.  But no matter where you live fall is the time to break out the dark colors.   Zoya Anja from the Fall Smoke collection is perfect for this. 

   Anja is a nice plum shade.  She dries darker on the nail to more the color of a very ripe plum- a blackened red/purple.  The formula on this one was just a little on the thick side so I recommend making sure your base coat is completely dry before applying the polish.  I didn't and my index finger is a bit patchy because of it.  On the positive side, Anja is pigmented enough that she's a 1 coat polish.  I used my standard Zoya base and top combo of China Glaze Strong Adhesion and Barielle Manicure Extender.  However because of the strong pigmentation there was a bit of staining on my skin from clean up.  So you might want to be really careful with application to try to minimize clean up needs.  Not that I'm one to talk about that.

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