Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Random Recent NOTDs

   Hi everyone.  I'm sooo sorry I haven't been posting recently.  I've been busy with work and pretty stressed, which has led to a pretty big mood funk.  I'm going to try to get back on the blogging bandwagon soon.  In the mean time though, here's some random crappy cell phone pictures of my recent NOTDs.  That's short hand for Nail Of The Day btw.  If you'd like full reviews of any of these let me know and I'll try to get to them quickly.

I'll start with my current mani- Sinful Colors Neptune.  This is a dark denim blue with a nice silvery sparkle.  Neptune is from the new Castaway display/collection out now at Walgreens.

China Glaze Riveter Rouge.  This is a deep wine/burgundy color with a fine silver glitter.  RR is from the Vintage Vixen collection.

Zoya Roxy.  Roxy is a bright fuchsia jelly base with glitter.  I believe this is from the UltraGlitters collection.  I'm including two pictures one with flash and one without.


no flash

Zoya Posh.  This is one of Zoya's matte polishes, but I didn't take a photograph of it matte sorry.  This is with top coat which brings the amazing shimmer to life.

Essie Velvet Voyeur with an accent nail of China Glaze Midtown Magic

Then I added Finger Paints Twisted on top of that

Essie Van D'Go.  I was expecting this to be a bit more peach and less cotton candy pink so I don't think I'm going to keep this polish.

Because I wasn't happy with this color, I added a glitter accent nail in one of the new Sally Hansen Gem Crush shades in Be-Jeweled

Funky French with Zoya Nimue tips and OPI In the Spot-Light Pink base.  This was one of my favorite manis in a long time.  It was very time intensive though so not sure I'll be repeating the look any time soon.

OPI Lincoln Park After Midnight.  I wore this to a wedding last month and really liked it.  Unfortunately it got a little wrecked at the reception.  But it was totally worth it because there was BOWLING at the reception!  And an open bar.  This was quite possible the best reception ever.



  1. Why do you only polish half your nails? It looks a little strange. Not trying to be rude, honestly. It just really detracts from the mani when it looks like it's already been grown out for 2 weeks.

  2. I don't only paint half my nails. I do leave a gap between my cuticles and the polish, which yes is sometimes larger than I intend, but at the very most it is only ever 1/8th of my nail. I use the macro function on my camera to get detailed up close shots of my nails that are mostly in focus. This setting makes things look larger and more detailed in photos than they might appear in person. If you feel it is that distracting that I have less than perfect application then please feel free to read other blogs instead of mine.


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