Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nicole by OPI Holiday Magic Part 2

   Hello all.  Sorry the reviews have been a little absent lately.  Work is picking up for the holidays and between bad weather and fewer daylight hours, it's been harder to get good swatches of anything lately.  After about 3 pm I can't really take outdoor pictures right now.  Luckily I've had a few days of good weather so I've gotten a few swatches done and those will be coming up soon.
   Today for you though, I have part 2 of my Nicole by OPI Holiday Magic review.   You can find part 1 here with the two shimmers. This half consists of the two glitters in the collection.  They are Bring on the Tinsel, a red/green/blue/silver glitter in a clear base, and Spark My Mistletoe, a red and silver glitter with silver hexagonal glitter interspersed in a clear base.

Bring on the Tinsel

   The glitter in Bring on the Tinsel is all one size and evenly spaced throughout the polish.  Application was smooth with a nice formula.  Here's the polish by itself with 1-4 coats starting on my pinkie.

Direct Sun

Indirect Sun

   Bring on the Tinsel builds very nicely on itself and could be worn by itself for a very sparkly look.  I was happy with the coverage of 4 coats. 

Spark My Mistletoe

   Spark My Mistletoe is also in a clear base, but along with the small red and silver glitter, are larger hexagonal silver, almost holographic, pieces.   Same set up as Bring on the Tinsel:

Direct Sun


   As you can see, Spark My Mistletoe isn't as densely glitter packed as Bring on the Tinsel.  With enough coats, it could be worn alone, but it would take more than 4 coats.  The larger pieces are very lovely and give extra points of interest to the polish, but are very sparse and easily brush off the nail as you are applying the polish.  
   Next, I have the two glitters layered with the two shimmers.  The shimmers are Stuck in the Chimney, a golden cranberry, and Kiss Me at Midnight, a blackened red.  I did one coat of glitter over each shimmer.

Direct Sun

Indirect Sun

   All of the combinations are nice, but my favorite two are Bring on the Tinsel over Kiss Me at Midnight and Spark My Mistletoe over Stuck in the Chimney.  
   As a whole, this collection works well together.  But for me the glitters are the stand-outs.  If you can't get the entire collection I say grab Bring on the Tinsel and Spark My Mistletoe.  They are both very festive for the holidays, but would also work well the rest of the year.

Disclaimer: The product(s) in this post were provided to me by the company for consideration

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