Monday, March 18, 2013

New FTC Guidelines

   I'm sure most of you have heard about the new Guidelines the FTC released last week for blogger disclosures.  There are of course new guidelines for all types of advertising, which the FTC places blogs under, and you can read the full pdf here
   Basically, what this means if that the FTC is now requiring multiple disclosures per post to make sure readers don't get distracted by links or anything else before seeing a disclosure.  So from now on in addition to my normal disclosure at the end of my posts, I will include a sentence at the beginning of a review if I received products for free.  I am not a fan of these new rules as I feel they make blog readers out to be a bit stupid and treat bloggers like we're all lying.  Yes, I receive products for free to review sometimes.  I always include this information at the bottom of a post including these products.  But, my reviews are always honest and the opinions are always my own.  If you do not see a disclaimer on a post, that means I bought a product myself, or it was a gift not from a company.  I will also put a disclaimer on any post involving products I won in a contest or giveaway.

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