Monday, April 15, 2013

Color Club Cosmic Fate

   Happy Tax Day everyone!  I hope you all have nice refunds coming your way.  Who's planning a polish splurge with theirs?  I might have ordered a few things recently with some of mine....
   Today I have one of the new Color Club Halo Hues to show you.   I recently purchased 3 of the shades at a local beauty supply shop.  They cost a little more, retail is $10 most places, but I think they're worth it.  First up is Cosmic Fate.

   Cosmic Fate is an orange/copper linear holo.  The holo is very strong, just look at the bottle.  The formula is good and application is smooth even without a special aqua basecoat.  I used Nail Tek Foundation II for my base coat.  The first coat of polish was a little streaky, but it evened out well.  I used 3 coats for complete coverage and did not use a top coat.

Direct Sun
LOOK at that rainbow flame!

Indoor Natural Light
Not as exciting here, but still a pretty color.

Indoor with flash

Kitchen Lighting

   As you can see, the holo flame comes out with any light source shining on the polish.  I love that you can see the rainbow in all lighting, not just in direct sunlight.  The color reminds me of a new penny.  If you like holos I highly recommend picking this one up.  Like I said earlier, I picked these up at an independent beauty supply near me.  If you don't have one near you that sells Color Club, you can find these online at several etailers including Head2Toe, the official Color Club site, or even Ebay.

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