Thursday, March 10, 2011

Orly Lunar Eclipse

   Today I'm starting reviews of the Orly Cosmic FX collection from last fall.  What makes the Cosmic FX collection special are the natural rock minerals, crystals and glass infused in the polish to create an optical effect to make your nails explode with color.  At least that's what the press release says.  They are definitely vibrant and sparkling.
   Lunar Eclipse is described as a blue with pink purple fx.  When you look at the bottle, you will see several different colors depending on the light.
This one is direct sun

This is inside on my polish station

   Big difference huh?  Most of the time on the nail, at least for me, I was only seeing the blue.  It's a lovely rich blue, but I would have liked to get more of the pink/purple on the nail.  With all the polishes in this collection that I'll be reviewing I used Orly Bonder as my base coat and Orly Polishield as my top coat.  For Lunar Eclipse, I put 3 coats of polish on my pinky, middle finger, and thumb then 4 coats on my ring and index fingers.  I did this to show how big a difference the number of coats makes with this polish.  You can mostly tell the difference in direct sun, but I could still tell indoors as well.

Direct Sun


   Indoors was the only place I managed to see any of the pink/purple on my nail.  But man was it hard to photograph.  This polish in general was actually hard to capture.  These pictures are not the most color accurate but are the best I could get with my camera.  I even tried my cell phone and couldn't get anything better.  But here are the indoor shots

  If you enlarge the direct sun photos, you should be able to see on the 3 coat fingers a bit of unevenness.  This polish is very sheer and can be very streaky as well if you do not apply it very carefully.  I would recommend using this polish on top of either a dark blue or a black base polish to decrease streak visibility, and just to cut back on the number of coats you need.

Disclaimer: The product(s) in this post were sent to me by the company for consideration.

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