Friday, March 18, 2011

Zoya Shawn & WnW Craze The Gold & The Beautiful

   Welcome to Day 5 of my week of green.  Today will be the last day sadly.  I had planned to make it a full 7 days, but I sliced my thumb close to the nail bed last night so acetone and polish changes are not possible for a few days.  Fortunately I had a green already swatched.  
   Little background before I get to the polish.  In general, I am NOT a football fan.  The game makes no sense to my brain.  I'm a hockey fan through and through.  But, when the Green Bay Packers made it to the Super Bowl this year, I had to do a mani in support for the game.  I lived in Wisconsin for 3 years and I'm pretty sure they put something in the Beer Cheese Soup to make you a Cheesehead.  So I searched through my collection to find a green and a gold that matched, or were at least really close, the Packers' colors.  What I found were Zoya Shawn and The Gold & The Beautiful by Wet & Wild from last year's limited edition Craze collection.

   Shawn is typical Zoya awesomeness in a yellow leaning moss green creme.  I used 2 coats for full coverage.  WnW Craze The Gold & The Beautiful is a little more sheer and needed 3 coats, but also had good application and formula.  TG&TB is a metallic gold.  This is not the same color as the NEW TG&TB from WnW's new Fast Dry line.  I used China Glaze Strong Adhesion base and Barielle Manicure Extender as my top for both polishes.   

Direct Sun



   Shawn dries darker on the nail than bottle color shows.  For my purposes, this was a good thing and made it even closer to Packer green.
   So this concludes my week of greens.  Have you found a new love?  Or do you run from green?  

Disclaimer:  I did not receive either polish in this post for review.  However, Shawn was one of the 3 polishes I chose during Zoya's 3 free promotion for reaching 10k Facebook fans.

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