Sunday, December 25, 2011

China Glaze Glittering Garland

   Merry Christmas and Happy Channukah everyone!  I must say it's a bit weird to be celebrating both in the same week this year. I was planning to post this last night, but when I got home from work I got distracted by the decorating elves that hit my apartment while I was gone.  
   For my holiday mani I wanted something festive, but not too bright.  So I decided on Glittering Garland from the China Glaze Let it Snow 2011 collection topped with Cover Girl Goddess to give a twinkle lights on a tree effect.

   Glittering Garland is a Holly/Emerald green micro-fleck polish.  The two-tone effect with the micro-flecks really give this a Christmas tree effect on the nail.  
   Coverage was good, I used 2 coats, but you could probably use just 1 thick coat and be fine.  The formula is a little thin however, so a thicker coat could lead to flooding your cuticles and extra clean-up.  For my base, I used a coat of Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein followed by a coat of Gelous.  I used Barielle Manicure Extender as my top coat, but only after Goddess.

Direct Sun



   You can see the two tone effect of the polish best in the shade photo.  I promise it is much more visible and lovely in person.  My camera kept freaking out and not wanting to focus on the polish.  Remember, these pics are without top coat.
   Glittering Garland is very pretty and festive by itself.  But I was attempting to resurrect my Holiday spirit which means one thing.  GLITTER!  And holo glitter at that.  So I grabbed my bottle of Cover Girl Goddess

   Look at the sparkle.  I used one THIN coat of Goddess followed by top coat.  You'll notice my ring and middle fingers have a bit of a silver tinge to them.  This is because I had too much polish on my brush for those two fingers.  After those two I started wiping almost all the polish off the brush before applying.  This left just enough sparkle to look like twinkle lights without leaving much of the silver tint.  I didn't take a shade picture, but in the shade Goddess is just like any other holographic polish and looks like a fine silver glitter over the green.

Direct Sun


   For the last three days I haven't been able to stop looking at my nails.  I love the way Goddess really twinkles in any light, just like a Christmas tree would. 


polished & frosted title image brushes by Obsidian Dawn