Monday, December 19, 2011

My Crazy Week

   Hi lovelies!  This is just a quick note to update everyone on a couple things.  First of all, welcome to all my new readers.  I hope you are enjoying my blog so far.  But mainly I'm posting now to let you know that my posts will most likely be very sporadic for the next week.  I work retail, as essentially an assistant manager, so with it being Christmas week I will be working my ass off.  I'm talking almost a full 40 hours of crazy busy shifts helping customers, especially clueless guys waiting til the last minute, running out of products, AND trying to plan our big semi-annual sale that starts 2 days after Christmas.  Not to mention driving to the in-laws 1.5 hrs away for Chanukah and father-in-laws' birthday.  So by the time I get home each day, I will be exhausted.  I will try my best to get a few posts up, and maybe another recipe this weekend, but it most likely will be only 1 or 2 posts.  My plan right now, is to use Christmas Day, after a movie and chinese of course, to do a lot of the edits I need to get done so I can get up the Muppet and Kardashian swatches I owe you guys first thing next week.  After the first of the year, my schedule should calm back down for a little while and I can get on a regular posting scheme.  But in the mean time check out my older posts and enjoy your holiday celebrations however you see fit.

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  1. Don't worry too much about it, this time of year is so busy for everyone - even bloggers! lol.

    I've tagged you for the Top 10 Award :)


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