Friday, June 22, 2012

How I Moved My Polish Collection

   Moving nail polish is no easy task.  Especially when you have a large collection.  Long distances up the risk even more.  Moving companies and storage/shipping cubes won't allow polish, or other flammable and combustible items.  Which basically leaves mailing your polish, ground shipping only, or taking it in your car with you.  For me, mailing wasn't a cost effective option so in the car it had to go.  
   The next hurdle was how to pack the polish to best prevent breaks and explosions.  I say explosions because we were driving across the middle of the country and in the desert at the end of May, so temps were already reaching the 90s in some areas.  Heat and polish do not mix well.   My solution was to wrap each polish individually in paper and tightly pack as many as possible into a big red cooler lined with a trash bag and bubble wrap.  I figured the cooler would help insulate the polish from the heat.  The ones that wouldn't fit, or were still in the boxes they were sold in, went in a few other boxes, again wrapped individually for the most part and surrounded by bubble wrap.  Wrapping each polish prevents the glass bottles from constantly bumping against each other.  That jostling can often lead to breaks.  Here's a picture of the cooler with polish in it:

   I packed the cooler as tightly as possible to avoid as much movement as possible.  I was really glad to have someone else to lift the cooler once it was packed, because it was HEAVY.  I filled the cooler as far as I could, but I did have to pack a few other boxes as well.  I used the cooler, the 3 boxes on top of it, and the photo box in front:

   And this is after I purged quite a bit.  But I am happy to report that everything survived.  4 or 5 polishes leaked just a little, but there were no breaks or explosions.  So while this might not have been the best solution, it worked for me and maybe will give someone else some ideas in the future for moving a large collection.  This is just a fun shot of my floor after I unpacked the cooler:

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