Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Cross Country Road Trip

   Hey look everyone I'm still alive!!!  The hubby and I successfully made it from Georgia to California without killing each other during the 40 hour car drive.  Even more miraculously, all of my polish appears to have survived as well.  I'll tell you more about that later.  
   I obviously have lots of reviews to catch up on and will start those tomorrow.  But today I thought I would share some of the waaaaay too many pictures I took along the way.  While there are some very boring stretches of just highway on the trip, there are also some EXTREMELY gorgeous areas too.  I don't necessarily remember exactly where all the shots were taken, but I'll let you know as close as possible, or at least a state if I can.  Most of these were taken with my phone through the car window so please excuse any blurriness or road grime.

Day 1:

We started out by packing up all the essentials into the car.

I was impressed we were able to see out of the back window still.

This is the lower Appalachian Mountains.  This was either in Georgia or Alabama, but I'm not really sure which.  I didn't take many shots the first part of the trip since it's the area I've lived in most of my life.

Crossing into Mississippi

Dinner was at Uncle Lou's in Memphis, which was featured on the TV show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  The food was excellent and if you're in Memphis I recommend it.

Around sunset we crossed the Mississippi River into Arkansas, where we stopped for the night in Little Rock.  Just before the river is a random pyramid in Memphis that I can't explain.

Days 2 and 3 were mostly spent in Oklahoma City where we met up with my parents for a driving break.  Even they survived, though the migraine I had most of the visit with them might account for that.

Not much time was spent in Arkansas, but this was just a random stretch of highway I found pretty

This is the welcome center just past the Oklahoma state line

Downtown Oklahoma City as you drive in

I feel ALL hotel beds should start out this way

OKC has a beautiful riverwalk in an area called Bricktown that also features shops and restaurants.
It also brought out the little kid in the hubby.

A working oil rig on the grounds in front of the Capital Building

My mom is a big James Garner fan so she insisted we drive the half hour or so to Norman to see the statue of him his hometown had installed

Day 4 we left Oklahoma and traveled through Texas, New Mexico, and into Arizona where we stopped in Flagstaff. 
The Texas welcome center we stopped at.

Lunch was in Amarillo.  Since neither of us had any idea where to go, we used UrbanSpoon to lead us to Mexican.  Then David did his normal ask the server what they recommend when he's someplace new.  Great decision because it was completely AMAZING!

Next up New Mexico.

Where I'm pretty sure you can't outrun the cops if you're speeding.  You probably need to click on the picture to read the sign.

This is where I really started going picture crazy.  The area from just outside Albuquerque to just about the Bay Area in Cali is probably the prettiest countryside I have seen so far. 
These are all New Mexico.  I think.

Dinner was Rudy's BBQ in Albuquerque.  Any place that sells meat by the pound is good in my book.

These next few are somewhere between Albuquerque and Arizona, but I'm not sure where or which state.

This was at a rest stop in Arizona. 

Just after this we pulled over on a mostly empty exit to look up at the stars.  It was incredible.  I wish I had pictures, but neither my phone nor camera have enough of a zoom to capture the stars.

Day 5 was the last day of our trip.  We drove from Flagstaff to San Jose.  It was a very long day, but again very pretty.

I know these were all in Arizona.

A little bit before the California border we hit the 2,000 mile mark of the road trip.  The trip meter only goes to 999.9 though so this was the second rollover.

And finally....

A few shots from the trip up California.

That brings us to the end of the road trip.  I was going to include how I packed my polish for the move to travel safely, but I think this post has gone on long enough.  So I will do a short post on that later.  I hope everyone has enjoyed at least a few of my pics. 

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