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Whole Body Salon from Whole Foods

   Last month I had the opportunity to check out a new nail salon in the South Bay area.  The Whole Foods store in Campbell, CA has opened a new store called Whole Body next to the main store.  Whole Body focuses on skin/body care, vitamins, cosmetics, et c.  Basically the non-food items you would find at Whole Foods.  Because this is a Whole Foods brand store, you will find natural, vegan, or organic products.  

   This is the first Whole Body in Northern California.  Other locations are mostly located on the east coast.  The Campbell location is also either the first or one of the first Whole Body stores to offer a nail salon.  The salon is a small area on the side of the store sectioned off with window frames and screens to give a bit of privacy but still allow you to see the rest of the store.  Instead of typical mani/pedi stations they have two couches to sit on and relax.  

   If you look in the mirrors above the couch you can see the screens sectioning off the salon area.  
   Manicures are done with one hand in your lap or on the arm of the couch resting while your manicurist holds the other.  I found it to be comfortable most of the time, but a bit awkward during parts of my pedicure.  To keep sanitation levels high, Whole Body uses individual soaking bowls, which I sadly was not able to take a picture of, filled with water and flowers.  Lifting my legs into and out of the bowl while having my hands worked on was a bit difficult for me, but it might not be for others.  I highly enjoyed the pampering from the salt scrubs, massages, and hot towels on my arms and legs.  The massage portions were much more thorough than I've had at other salons.  I believe there may have been some reflexology involved, I'm not familiar enough with the process to be sure, but I do know it is one of the extras offered.  
   The polish brands available to chose from are all more natural brands and one that is water based.  Zoya is one of the brands available, but I chose to try new brands.  These brands are also available for sale in the store.  For my toes I chose Mineral Fusion in Amethyst. 

   On my fingers I went with the water based brand Scotch Naturals.  This is just a random bottle I grabbed in the salon to show you the bottle, not the color I picked for my fingers.

   Because Scotch Naturals polish is water based, you do have to take care with application to prevent major streaking.  I went with a periwinkle shade, but didn't remember to write the name down.

   Here is a bit more information about the Salon and the services they offer.  Remember prices and services are subject to change.

Products & Services:

-              Natural nail care and manicures and pedicures
-              All of the nail polish in our Whole Body Salon is:
o   formaldehyde-free
o   phthalate-free
o   toluene-free
o   low odor
o   safe for nail technicians
-              Expanded selection of vitamins and body care
-              Huge collection of hip eco-wear, including Threads for Thoughts, TOMS Shoes and Yellow 108
-              Exclusive scents of Hugo Naturals vegan and cruelty-free body care
-              Visia skin analysis machine
-              Licensed cosmetologists
-              Special section just for moms and kids

Health and Safety:
·         Whole Foods Market will go above and beyond the California sanitation requirements and will use steam sterilizing in autoclave after the required wet sterilization.
·         We will be using individual pedicure bowls with no plumbing; they are lined and sterilized after each use. No whirlpool tubs!

Mon - Fri: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. // Sat - Sun 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Customer Booking and More Info:

Complete Whole Body Salon Menu:

Manicure $19.00 • Pedicure $26.00 • Mani/Pedi Combo $40.00
Our ‘cures offer all of the pampering and style you’d want to refresh your nails. We just leave out the funky smelling chemicals that turn them brittle and yellow.

Hot Stones - $5.00 – There’ll be no tension left in your hands after our stones warm it away.
French Tips - $5.00 per hand – One of the most enduring and elegant touches you can add to your nails.
Reflexology - $5.00 per 10 minutes – Relieve stress and promote wellness with a soft, healing touch.
Premium Soak - $5.00 – Soak up nourishing moisture and help repair your hands and feet.
Nail Art - $5.00 basic/$10.00 premium, per hand – Stand out from the crowd with something that pops.
Callous Treatment - $5.00- The stresses of the modern world leave their mark. We scrub it away!

Get Naked Before you Arrive.
Our salon is acetone free for your health and the health of our Team Members. In order to fully enjoy our treatments you will need to have your conventional polish, tops and base coats removed prior to your appointment.
Popular acrylics are difficult to undo with our natural cleaners, but once you start on the path to healthy nails, you’ll never have to worry about it again!

Like a cleanse for your hand.
Most people don’t know the dirty secret of nail salons: the chemicals they use are essentially unregulated by the government and many are known carcinogens. The same compounds that make those nasty smells will sit on your fingers, soaking into your nail beds for weeks. We believe your nails will be healthiest when you use natural, toxin free products. Just like the rest of your body.

   I normally do my own manicures just because I change polish so often, but I love going to get pedicures done.  Next time I splurge on one I will probably go back to Whole Body for it.

   Now I'm going to show you some of the products you can find at Whole Body and Whole Foods.  Because I went opening weekend there were lots of vendors answering questions and giving samples.  I haven't tried all of these items yet, but I am highly looking forward to trying them all.  

   The Hugo & Debra lotion and scrub are an exclusive scent for Whole Foods and are what were used in my mani/pedi.  I LOVE the way they smell and feel, though I do have a weakness for anything lemon scented.  Here's a closer look at those:

   I was able to talk to the rep from Beautiful Curls hair care and pick up a few samples from her.  I have extremely curly hair and am constantly looking for the perfect products and shampoos to keep my hair soft but frizz free and after talking to this lady, I am planning to try out Beautiful Curls next time I need shampoo.  Beautiful Curls is made by people with curly hair who truly understand the issues around curl care.  If you have curly hair and are still looking for the right products, you might want to look for these.

   If you live in the Bay Area, especially the South Bay, and have been looking for a more natural based nail salon, or are concerned with sanitation at most salons, I would definitely recommend The Salon at Whole Body.  I enjoyed my visit and will probably be going back.

Disclaimer:  The product(s) and services in this post were provided to me by the company for review, but the opinions are completely my own.

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