Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grocery Store Cravings

   Am I the only one who goes to the grocery store for a couple things and winds up picking up all sorts of extra stuff?  Usually completely unrelated to the original items.  That's what I did yesterday anyway.  I went in for some fried chicken for dinner and lunches for the hubby.  And this is what else I wound up with:

   Ok not the ginger, but the rest of it.  Along with a loaf of bread, some balsamic vinaigrette dressing, and some pita chips.  I did at least pick up the chicken too.  I've been known to check out and get to my car only to realize I'd forgotten the item I'd originally gone into the store for.
   So what did I do with these somewhat healthy ingredients?  Why I made a salad of course.

   I already had the almonds, raisins, and cheese.  The brie and hummus haven't been opened yet, but I'm sure that will change soon.  I was very proud of myself for having a healthy dinner for once.  I also wondered if I was getting sick since I so rarely want salad.  Don't get me wrong, I like salad.  It's just not something I usually crave like I was yesterday.  Though I'm sure the glass of wine and slice of cake I had later on totally ruined any good for me ness from the salad.
   Whatever was making me crave the salad yesterday must have been a one day thing because I was back to normal for lunch.  What was lunch you ask?  Why this yummy, cheesy, carby goodness: 

That yummines is Marie Calendar's scalloped potatoes with ham.  Or something like that.  The box is way over in the kitchen.  I added extra cheese of course.  I have yet to find any kind of frozen or pre packaged food that has enough cheese on it as is.  Doesn't matter the brand or type of item.  It's like companies are scared of cheese.  And of course for dessert I had this:

   I was so happy when I found some of those yesterday.  I think I bought like 8 of them.  I would have gotten more but that was all the store had that I could find.  I absolutely LOVE coffee flavored chocolates.  Twix came out with these a few years ago originally as a limited edition item, but has recently released them again.  If you like coffee and chocolate give these a try if you haven't yet.  And if you can find them.  Now if only Oreos would re-release the coffee half and half cookies they used to make.  Do any of you remember those?  One of the best cookies ever.  Well to me and the hubby anyway.


  1. Now you are making me hungry, and I just had dinner. I never saw the coffee oreos, let me know if you ever see those again.

    Usually if I have ten items on my grocery list I come back with ten items. Costco and hardware stores are another story though.

  2. But are they the same 10 items that were originally on your list?

    And trust me if I EVER find the coffee oreos again you'll be able to hear my scream of joy.


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