Monday, January 2, 2012

China Glaze Fireside Glow

   This was my New Year's mani.  A little bit of bling, but not too in your face.  I kept things simple over the weekend, so this polish kind of fit with that.
   Fireside Glow is from the China Glaze Ulta exclusive 3 piece collection that suddenly showed up about a week or so before Christmas.  I had no idea these polishes were coming out and I believe they've already gone on clearance, but you might still be able to find them.  As far as I know, China Glaze has never done Ulta exclusives before so I'm not sure if this is the start of a new trend or just a one time thing.  I will try to find out more information if I can though.

   This is a copper/orange glitter with holo glitter mixed in.  In the bottle it looks more orange, but on the nail it's more the color of a new penny.  In fact, when I was looking at it on my nails, this almost felt like a neutral polish, especially under darker lighting where the holo didn't show as much.  Maybe I'm just crazy though and you ladies will look at it and feel the exact opposite.
   The formula of Fireside was good, but application felt a little weird to me.  I think it might have been my base coat combination though that was doing it.  I started with a coat of Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein followed by a coat of Gelous gel base to try to give some extra strength to my nails.  I've been having major peeling issues again, so the tips of my nails have been a bit weak.  I used 2 coats of color for good coverage and topped with a coat of Barielle Manicure Extender.  The Barielle top coat is a reasonably thick top coat, but 15 minutes after I put it on, the glitter in Fireside ate all of my top coat so that my nails felt like they had no top coat on at all.  
   This is not necessarily a bad thing though.  On its own, Fireside dries to a nice satin/suede finish.  The texture is very gritty, but it looks pretty.  The main problem is that the holo glitter doesn't come out nearly as much with this finish.  To bring out the holo I added a thick coat of Gelous over the glitter and a second coat of Manicure Extender, after taking pictures of the satin finish of course.  The extra top coats brought the holo goodness out and mostly smoothed out the texture.  But because the layers were so thick on my nail at this point, the polish started peeling/popping off in sheets last night.  It did make removal a little easier since I was going to take it off last night anyway.
   The top photo will be with just 1 coat of top coat.  The bottom photo will be after I added the 2 additional coats.  If you click and enlarge the photos you can see the difference better, especially on the shade shots.

Direct Sun



   I liked this polish.  But I think next time I wear it I might try layering it over a creme first to see if that helps stop the glitter from eating my top coat as much.

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