Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wet N Wild On A Trip

   On a recent trip to Walgreens, I found the newly redesigned Wet N Wild Megalast polishes.  Since I've been very impressed with WnW lately and the polishes are only $1.99, I grabbed a pretty purple to try out.  

   First thought, I like the new bottle design.  It has a solid base, so won't tip over too easily, but feels feminine.  Then I opened the bottle and wasn't as happy.  The neck of the brush is so wide it is just barely smaller than the bottle opening.

   One of the big reasons I don't like wide brush necks like this is that it brings excess polish into much closer contact with the neck of the bottle.  Which can easily get into the bottle treads and glue your polish shut.  
   Once I pulled the brush completely out of the bottle, I saw another issue.  WnW has started using the "pro wide" style brush in these bottles.  I definitely do not like this style brush.  The problem with the pro wide brush, for me anyway, is that the brush is almost as wide, or wider than in some cases, my nails.  Which makes it almost impossible for me to paint my nails without getting polish on the skin around the nail as well.  Now I usually wind up getting polish on my skin anyway, but this style brush makes it worse usually.  Plus the brush has a soft fluffy feel when you're using it.

   On to the polish itself.  On A Trip is a light-medium blue based purple creme.  Almost a periwinkle, but a little too purple.  The formula was very nice and I probably wouldn't have had many application issues with a smaller brush.  I used Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler base coat, 2 coats of polish, and no top coat.

Direct Sun




   I love the color and formula of On A Trip.  I think the new bottle is really pretty.  But I HATE the brush.  To the point I am seriously considering decanting the polish into another bottle.  I'm not sure if I'll try any of the other polishes from the line.  Maybe if I get them on sale and decant so I don't have to deal with the brush.


  1. Beautiful color! I will have to give this one a try.

  2. that's their new brush now ugh. it's also the brush for the spoiled collection. i don't like it either.

  3. I HATE wide brushes! Ugh. I'll keep that in mind before buying any...but I'll probably buy some of them anyway.

  4. i switched out the brush from an old polish and added thinner to make it work better


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