Thursday, January 26, 2012

Essie Go Overboard

   Go Overboard is from one of the new Essie Spring 2012 collections.  I'm not sure if this is permanent of limited, the display at Target, where I picked this one up at, isn't overly clear.  But I must say I have been very impressed lately with how quickly Target has been getting and putting out the new Essie collections.  
   Go Overboard is a medium teal creme.  It has good pigmentation but the formula wanted to run instead of staying where I wanted it.  This led to some extra clean up at the end. I used 1 med thick coat in these shots, but I think 2 thinner coats might work better to control where the polish goes more.  My base was Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler and I didn't use a top coat.  The polish dries about 1 shade darker than the bottle color.

Direct Sun



   I like this shade a lot.  I've been really drawn to teals lately.  The extra clean up wasn't too bad and I didn't notice any staining starting.  But I think I'll definitely try 2 thin coats next time instead.  What do you lovelies think of Go Overboard?

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