Thursday, September 16, 2010

China Glaze Ingrid & Swing Baby Reviews

   Hello all.  You guys are getting two reviews for the price of one today.  Why you ask?  Because I wanted to do something a little different with my nails this time.  Nothing major or complicated, just a little more interesting.
   I decided to use Ingrid and Swing Baby.  These are both from the China Glaze fall collection Vintage Vixen.  Ingrid is a slightly greyed brown with an almost hidden gold shimmer when you look closely. In indoor or low light it can easily be mistaken for a brown creme.  Swing Baby is an antique gold frost with matching shimmer.

See what I did after the break

   The formula on these was excellent.  Ingrid was a 2 coater, Swing Baby a 3.  I used a base coat of Seche Base ridge filler and 1 coat of Barielle Manicure extender for a top coat.  No VNL or cuticle pooling.  Application was very smooth and any little goofs I made evened themselves out.  I did wake up with a few sheet lines this morning.  Guess they weren't completely dry yet when I went to bed.  I'll probably try to throw a coat of Seche Vite on top of the two nails affected and see if that covers the lines.  Or at least smooths the nails out.

Direct Sun

Indirect Sun

   Can you see the shimmer Ingrid has in the direct sun shot?  Ingrid does dry darker on the nail than it looks in the bottle.  I like the way these look together.  The gold shimmer in Ingrid makes Swing Baby a good complimentary shade.  And the one accent nail gives a bit more dimension to the mani than if it was all one color.  Well that's how I feel anyway.  What do you all think?
   I did have a little bit of trouble with Ingrid, but that is not because of the polish formula.  When I opened my bottle and looked at the brush, there was a bit of an issue with it.

   Notice anything a bit off there?  Here's a comparison shot with the Swing Baby brush, which is how China Glaze brushes normally look.

   Just a little bit of a difference huh?  I picked up my bottle of Ingrid at Sally Beauty Supply.  There are two stores in my town, but they were both out of Ingrid when I was looking.  So I wound up driving 45 minutes to a store to find a bottle.  And this was at least 2 weeks ago so the chances of them having a bottle left for an exchange is probably very unlikely.  I think I'll try to contact customer service through the website and see what I can do.  The brush isn't impossible to work with, but it does make application a little more difficult.
   Ok folks.  What do you think of Ingrid and Swing Baby?  And do you like the one nail a different color look or do you prefer all nails the same?  Let me know what you think.


  1. I like the random nail being a similar but different color. its a clever way to add in something else, without being ridiculously over the top or in your face.

    plus thats an interesting and gorgeous color. i would have never thought to give it a second glance, but seeing it on hands makes it looks much better.

  2. I have and love both of these colors. :)

  3. I’m your new follower. Really like your blog! Maybe you could check out mine sometime:

  4. M. - Which one? I saw teaser swatches of both on Facebook by China Glaze and that's what made me start lemming after them.

    Steffi - Isn't the hidden shimmer beautiful?

    Melanie - Thank you. I gave yours a quick glance but I will check it out more thoroughly soon.

  5. Just the lighter browns in general. its not a color of mine, so unless i saw it in action, like this, i wouldn't think to try it.

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