Thursday, September 2, 2010

OPI Yodel Me On My Cell

   Last week while working at the mall I wandered into my local Trade Secret.  They were having a sale on OPI polish, buy 2 get a free RapiDry top coat.  Not a bad deal, but unfortunately not in my budget right now.  Luckily I was shopping with a friend so we each picked one bottle and she took the top coat.  For my pick I went with Yodel Me On My Cell from the new Swiss Collection.  YMOMC is a blue shimmer with just a little hint of green.  In certain light it almost looks teal to me.  I know others may disagree, but that's what I see, at least with my bottle.

   I had a hard time trying to capture the bottle on camera this morning.  This is one of those colors that doesn't want to show up right.  I have not color corrected my photos, mostly because I don't know how, but also partly to show some of the different aspects of the color.  This polish really does look very different in different light.  In my apartment it looks almost teal, outside in direct sun it's bright blue, but in indirect sunlight it's somewhere in between.  So on to pics.

Direct Sun

Indirect Sun


   Sorry for the blurry indoor photo, but I think you can still see the color difference.  Please ignore the background stuff too.  
   I really like the deep blue and the shimmer of YMOMC but I had a few application issues.  First, the formula seems a bit thin to me.  I had some pooling issues around my cuticles with this one.  And it took me four coats to get full opacity with no patchiness.  And I wasn't using thin coats either.  I think the number of coats is a result of the thin formula.  Now I've read other reviews and no one else seemed to have this issue.  So maybe I just got a bad bottle or the heat here is just making it thinner than normal.  I also have to say that I am not a big fan of the pro-wide brush. It felt like I had more issues with paining my skin than normal with it, or again that might have been a result of the thin formula.
   Again, I really do like the color a lot.  But it feels a bit familiar to me.  So I'm going to go through my stash and post some comparisons soon.  But what do you all think of the color?  And has anyone else had formula issues or is it just me?


  1. I wish we had more variety here for nail polish. Do you know what colours are going to be hot for fall/winter?

  2. From the collections I've seen, I'd say rich jewel tones, greige, gold, and silver/pewter.


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