Sunday, September 5, 2010

Models Own Haul

   Happy Monday again.  Also Happy Labor Day for those in countries celebrating today.  Yay for long weekends.  Of course when you work retail, holidays for everyone else don't always mean holidays for you.  This time I did wind up with the full 3 day weekend off, by request though.  David and I are spending most of it with his family in Atlanta.  But that's part of what holidays are for right?
   Speaking of family, my wonderful sister-in-law, Sarah, did me a huge favor.  She lives in Scotland with her husband and their almost 3 year old.  But they are visiting right now for two weeks.  As you know, Scotland is part of the UK.  And what is sold in the UK, but not in the US?  That's right, Models Own nail polish.  Well, technically I could order from the website as they do ship internationally, but I don't have the budget for international shipping right now.  So enter my wonderful sister-in-law who was willing to pick me up a couple bottles and bring them over with her.  I love family.  Sometimes....
   So what colors did I get?  They were actually a bit of a surprise to me too.  I gave Sarah a list of 8-10 colors that I was interested in and said to pick up 3 or 4 from the list of whichever were available.  Did that make sense to anyone else?  Cause I'm not sure it did to me.  It must be bedtime. 
   Back to the point.  She picked up four bottles for me: Magenta Pearl, Blue Lagoon, Jade Stone, and Golden Peach.  Magenta Pearl, Blue Lagoon, and Golden Peach appear to be shimmers while Jade Stone looks like a creme from the bottles.  But we all know bottles can be deceiving at times so I will have a better idea once I try them out. 

   Any requests of which one you want to see first?  I have several blue polishes to try and a recent blue mani to post about so I could do a blue theme for a bit.  Or would you guys rather I split the blues up so I don't over load you with them?

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