Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Zoya Cola Wear Test Results

   Last week I posted a review of Zoya Cola from the Wonderful Collection.  I promised a wear test on the color after a week.  Well guess what?  It's been a week.  And as much as I love this color, I've never wanted to change my polish more than the last couple days.  I think it was the knowing I couldn't change it that made me want to so  much.  Or the fact that I've picked up a couple awesome new polishes that I'm dying to try out too.  You know, one of those.

Original Swatch
How did it turn out?  Click to the rest of the story and find out.

   If you'll remember, I was helping the other BBW store in my town pack up all of their inventory and move it to an off site storage facility for three days last week.  What better time to see how strong a polish is than when I'm actually doing manual labor and not just sitting on my couch watching cheesy tv shows and eating junk food.  Obviously the packing and moving involved lots of taping boxes shut.  And I don't know about you, but I can never manage to use packing tape without it getting stuck to my fingers and nails all the time.
   I took two sets of pictures to share with you guys.  One set right after I finished working on Saturday and one set this morning after I got up.  I'll let you guys check them out before I give my thoughts.

Saturday Pictures

Left Hand

Right Hand

Wednesday Pictures

Left Hand

Right Hand

Close Ups of Chips

   As you can see, the polish held up extremely well with the packing.  If you look very closely at the Saturday pictures you can see little lines on several of my fingers.  Some are just dents from the tape, but some are actual cracks in the polish and top coat.  But notice that it still took a little longer for any real chips to appear.  The two on my left hand started smaller but kept growing once started.  The small on on my right pinkie didn't happen until last night.  
   All in all I must say I am very impressed with how Cola lasted.  I have a feeling that if it wasn't for the cracks in the polish I would only have had some minor tip wear without the chips to show you.  I definitely give this one two thumbs up and will wear again.  And the multiple compliments on the color don't hurt either.

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