Monday, September 20, 2010

Zoya Color Spoons

   Happy Monday.  How many of you have ever bought a bottle of nail polish online?  Ever wish you could see the color in person first?  Or even wish that you could see how a couple coats of it would look dry before you buy a bottle from the store?  Well the fairies over at Zoya are making those wishes come true.  How you ask?  With color spoons, that's how.  Color spoons are a small piece of plastic with a round bowl at the end which holds approximately 2 coats worth of polish. 

   As you can see the spoons are labeled with the polish name and catalog number so you know with just a glance what color you're looking at.  They also have a small hole at the other end so you can string your collection together for easy storage all in one place.  Or they come to you in clear plastic envelopes of 6 each if you would rather store them that way.  
   Now you're probably wondering how much these guys cost.  Each spoon is only $0.50 and ships for free no matter how many you order.  Not bad, but what's even better is that for every spoon you order Zoya will put a credit on your account for the price of the spoon.  Once your spoons ship you will receive an email with a code to use on your next order for the credit amount.  A bottle of Zoya polish runs $7 on their website.  So basically if you order 14 spoons to try before you order a bottle, you will receive a credit worth the amount of a bottle of polish.  Which means you're getting the spoons for free to try out the colors next to your skin tone to see what works best for you.  Pretty nice huh?
   Color spoons were released on Sept 1.  According to Zoya's twitter feed, almost 250,000 spoons were ordered on that first day.  And yes, I was one of the people who made an order.  Though I was only responsible for 20.  As an added bonus with every order made, while supplies last(ed), a free color plate of the current Wicked and Wonderful collections was included.  I'm not sure if these are still being sent out or not.  Not all colors are available as spoons right now, but the company does plan to release all colors as spoons in the future.  Now here's the ones I ordered.

Wicked & Wonderful Color Plate

My Order

   I do have individual shots of each envelope so if there is a set you would like to see in more detail let me know.  Or if there is a particular spoon you would like a close up of let me know and I'll take one and post it.  The one I posted up top is of Mimi from the summer Sparkle collection.


  1. I just placed an order with Zoya last week during their promo. They're sending me the Zoya Wicked & Wonderfull Color Plate and the Zoya Intimate Collection Plate as well.

    I am curious -- how do I go about using these samples? Can I get brushes at a beauty supply store?


  2. Hi Bianca,

    Spoons and plates aren't really samples the way you're thinking. They are sealed clear plastic sticks that are already painted with two coats worth of polish that you hold up to your hand over your nail. This allows you to see how sheer or opaque a color is and how it looks with your skin tone without having to purchase a full bottle or actually painting your nails.
    I hope this helps, but if you have any more questions please let me know.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I kinda figured it out about a week after I posted this --- but couldn't find this page again to save my life. LOL

    I did end up purchasing 3 polishes from zoya. Isla, Gaia and Lo. Love, love, love, love Isla. Lo is a nice, bright pink.

    But Gaia -- it takes so many coats -- and I'm not that great with painting my own nails.

    I'll be bookmarking your blog this time. :-)


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