Sunday, October 24, 2010

Homemade Weekends

   This weekend for homemade weekends I'm going to start bringing my jewelry making into the blog.  I'm going to start of slowly with a necklace David bought me several years ago that needed a little tweaking.  This is what it originally looked like:

   Pretty, but it was a little too short for me, it just fit around the base of my neck.  Personally, I can't stand anything tight around my neck.  Even turtleneck shirts and sweaters bother me.  The other change I wanted to make was the placement of the heart pendant.  Now I know that clasps can be done to become part of the design and be worn in front.  This one was just a bit simple of a toggle clasp to me to be worn that way.
   Since these were minor changes they only took a few minutes and left me with a necklace I like a lot better and want to wear more often.  

Tools I used

   An added bonus was that I only needed a couple things, which I already had on hand.  The first step was removing the heart from the clasp and moving it to the "middle" of the necklace.

Removed Heart

Replaced Heart

   Next came extending the length.  All this entailed was removing the clasp and adding some extra jump rings to each side before reattaching the clasp.

Removed Clasp

Added Jump Rings & Reattached Clasp

Finished Necklace

   So that's it.  Almost like having a brand new necklace.  Do you like the changes or think I should have left it alone?


  1. I like the changes. I'm not fond of clasps in the front, and also, its a better necklace now because you'll actually wear it as its more comfortable!

  2. Hello, I absolutely LOVE this necklace! I was researching something for my Ebay business (Store) where I make & sell jewelry in addition to also selling clothes, vintage items, glassware, shoes, scrubs, collectables & much more.... I came across this necklace & clicked on link in hopes that this necklace was for sale (for my own personal collection-i LOVE jewelry) you did a phenomenal job! Please contact me if you have time.....
    I want to give you my phone # but i dont think this msg is private.... Thank you, Heather


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