Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zoya Tiffany

   Happy Monday!  This week I will be featuring the Zoya Fire & Ice Holiday collection.  I'm starting off the week with Tiffany, the lightest of the collection.  Tiffany is described as a soft champagne sparkling metallic. 

   I can see where they were going with the champagne descriptor, but it's a little more like a pink champagne to me.  This is definitely a pinkish peach color, not a soft golden color that I would associate with champagne.  If you remember the press release for these, Gloria is described as a pink champagne color.  But I'll talk more about that in my Gloria review. 
   While looking at the bottles, Tiffany was the one which least excited me.  But once I had it on, I really started falling for her.  Now she's not going to be a call up on Friday night to go downtown with me color, but more a Sunday brunch with the in laws color.  But that's ok because we all need at least one of those in our collection.  Or 5 or 6.  You know something like that.  
   The formula was very nice.  Not too thick, but not so thin it wouldn't stay where I wanted it.  The foil/metallic flecks went on very smoothly with no clumping or dragging.  Those flecks are a lovely gold in this polish and look a lot like little bits of glass in the sun.  I used 1 coat China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base, 3 coats Tiffany on all but my thumb. which has 4 as I smudged the tip a bit during cleanup, and 1 coat Seche Vite top coat.  Normally I would not use Vite with Zoya, they do not play well together.  But I'm impatient and wanted these to dry so I could take pictures and share with all of you.  And I'm going on vacation in less than 2 weeks and my parents are arriving 36 hours after I get back for a visit so I wanted to make sure I got the full collection swatched during my frantic house cleaning before I leave.  I do NOT recommend this schedule btw.  But back to polish talk.  Or better yet, pictures.

Direct Sun



   Inside, the copper really comes out more in Tiffany.  I was slightly reminded of a brand new penny.  You know the ones that are fresh from the mint and still shiny and clean.  Because this is such a light colored polish, it does run a little sheer.  You can get by with 3 coats, but I think 4 would be better.  Removal was a little more time consuming than a plain metallic because of the foil.  And the foil loves to stay on your skin, so the foil method for removal will probably be your best bet to avoid glitter hands.

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