Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Essie Mojito Madness

   Today I'm bringing you Mojito Madness from the Essie Summer 2012 Bikini So Teeny Collection.  

   Mojito Madness is a bright, but not neon, green creme somewhere between grass and dark mint.  Application was smooth and the formula was nice.  I did notice the first coat streaked a little, but the second coat even everything out for a nice even coverage.  I only needed 2 coats for full opacity and used Finger Paints base coat and no top coat.  Mojito Madness dries pretty much to bottle  color, maybe just a shade darker.

Direct Sun

Indoor Natural Light

Indoor with Flash

   While the color of Mojito Madness isn't super unique, it is fun and a good color for summer.  I wore this for a pedi for about 3 weeks and by the time I took it off I still didn't have any really noticeable chips or wear.  I changed colors from boredom not necessity. 

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