Monday, July 23, 2012

Sinful Colors Fig with Spoiled Jewelry Heist

   Did anyone hit up the Sally's sale over the weekend?  If so I'd love to hear what you got.  Also don't forget to hit up Walgreens this week for the Sinful Colors sale.  With that sale in mind, I'm bringing you Sinful Colors Fig today.  I also used Spoiled Jewelry Heist on an accent nail, so you're getting a double review today.

   Fig is a rich red based purple with purple shimmer.  The polish has a bit of a glow to it from the shimmer and at the right angle even flashes a bit blue.  Application is smooth, but the formula gave me a few issues.  This is a polish you definitely need to use thin coat with and wipe your brush and the neck of the brush off well.  Otherwise the polish will run down the neck onto the brush and flood your cuticles.  
   Jewelry Heist is a clear base with multi-colored glitters.  The glitters are a mix of small squares and small and medium hexes.  Color wise the glitter isn't quite pastel, but it is definitely muted and bordering on neutral.  The hexes are yellow and rose gold tones in the medium size, silver or pewter tones in the small size, and the squares are a mix of jewel tones like blue, green, and orange.  Application for this one is pretty standard for this type of glitter top coat.  The glitter pieces don't want to go onto your nail and once you do get them on, they don't want to stay there if you go over them again too quickly.  To try to work around this, I let the polish bead on the tip of my brush when I pull it out of the bottle, then let most of the clear base drip back into the bottle.  This usually leaves enough clear on the brush to cover the nail and the glitter that sticks to the brush is more likely to move onto your nail.
   I used  Nail Tek Intense Therapy for soft, peeling nails and Nail Tek Ridge-Filler Foundation II for my base coat, 2 coat of Fig, 2 coats of Jewelry Heist on my ring fingers, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat.

Direct Sun

Indoor Natural Light

Indoor with Flash

   Both of these polishes have a few formula/application issues.  But those issues are minor and wouldn't stop me from buying these polishes again.  Especially if I found them on sale, but even at full price.  They're both priced under $3 at full retail.  The color of Fig is lovely and the color and size mix of Jewelry Heist is very unique, at least that I've seen.

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